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Cosime Atex Conduit

Atex EnclosuresAtex Enclosure

Intrinsically Safe / Ex certified Enclosures

Junction Boxes
Atex Junction Box

Atex Junction Box

Line BushingsAtex Line Bushings

Explosion Proof Bushings

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+44 (0)800 7565305

Atex Certified, Explosion Proof Conduit & Fittings

Explosion proof and Atex certified Conduit fittings & thread conversion equipment including adaptors, reducers, stopping plugs, breather drains and accessories for use in potentially explosive & hazardous area installations.
Atex Conduit, Explosion proof conduit

Atex Conduit Adaptors & Reducers

Adaptors & Reducers


Nylon Adaptors/Reducers


M x M Adapators


F x F Adaptors

Brass ADU  RDU   ADE4  RDE4   Adaptor Male to Male AMD   Adaptor female to female AFU
Redapt AD-U &
Redapt RD-U
  Redapt AD-E4 / RD-E4   Redapt AM-D   Redapt AFU

Insulated Adaptors


Conduit Y Adaptors


Conduit T Adaptors


90° Conduit Adaptors

Insulated Adaptor AID   Y Adaptor   T Adaptor, Flameproof   Adaptor 90 Degree ARD
Redapt AI-D   Redapt AY-U   Redapt AT-U   Redapt AR-D

Conduit Swivel Adaptors


Earth Lead Adaptors


MxF & FxF Unions


Earth Tags

Swivel Adaptors TAU  TPU   Earth Lead Adaptor AEE   Unions UFD  UND   Earth Tags EPZ
Redapt TA-U & Redapt TP-U   Redapt AEE   Redapt UF-D & Redapt UN-D   Redapt EPZ

Explosion Proof Conduit Stopping Plugs

Hexagonal Stop Plug


Dome Head Stop Plugs


Nylon Dome Stop Plugs


Type A & B Stop Plugs

Hex Head Plug PHE   Dome head plug PDU   Nylon Dome Head plug PDE4   PAD  PBD plugs
Redapt PH-E   Redapt PD-U   Redapt PD-E4   Redapt PA-D & Redapt PB-D

Intrinsically Safe Conduit Breather Drains

Atex Breather Drain


Ex Breather Drain

Redapt BD-U   DPE Breather Drain 2 imgs        
Redapt BD-U   Redapt DP-E        

Atex Conduit, Locknuts & Washers

Flexible Conduit




Serated Washers


IP Washers

Atex Conduit, FLexible Conduit, Explosion proof   LNZ Locknuts   Serrated Washers SRW   IP Washers ORZ
Flexible Steel Conduit   Redapt LNZ   Redapt SRZ   Redapt SWZ